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Elite Local Locksmith Stockport (ELLS) is the most reputable locksmith company in Stockport. Our services cover a broad spectrum and are offered to the folks in Stockport and the outlying areas. Our reputation has grown from the customer reviews and testimonials of their satisfaction with our services.

The most sought service is the lock fitting Locksmith Stockport. This involves the installation of different lock types in residential and commercial enterprises. The types of locks that can be installed in residential area s are different from those to be installed in commercial premises. The ultimate aim of our locking systems is to provide security to your home or business.

We have a variety of lock shapes, size and types that we can install in your residence. These locks include chain locks, dead bolts, and digital locks among others. The chain locks are quite popular on account of their use in several Hollywood movies. They allow you to open up only a small space so that you can receive mails or take-out. The effectiveness of this type of lock depends on the strength and length of the chain. If the chain is long, a person can just open the door to the point where the chain allows, reach in and open the door. If the chain is short but not strong, it can also be easy to get into the house because only a good push will open the door wide. Our lock fitting technicians know exactly where to place the chain locks on the door so that it’s not vulnerable to any form of forceful entry.

The digital locks are the types that cannot be compromised easily because the intruder will either get to have a digital signature such as a finger print which cannot be counterfeited or a digital code that only the homeowner will know about. This system is the best in terms of security provision. If you need advanced digital locks we can even install those that cannot open up before and after a certain time even if you have the digital code. This type of lock allows the owner to set a time when the lock can be opened e.g. from 7am to 9am and from 7pm to 10pm. The owner will then be able to open the doors during these hours with the code.

We also install all types of security systems on commercial premises such as installation facilities, factories, banks etc. these security features include CCTV surveillance, access control systems, remotely managed video surveillance among others.

We offer professional and personalized lock fitting services. We also have a 24/7 emergency contact number that you can use to call for our technicians if need an upgrade or a change of the locking system.

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