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Elite Local Locksmith Stockport (ELLS) key cutting is the most basic service offered by our company but by far the most significant. There are many scenarios that you can avoid if you duplicate your keys using our key cutting service. We cut all types of car, house, and mailbox etc locks keys.

We have the most up-to-date machines used in key cutting such as the code cutter and the punch code. We also cut keys for the tubular locks. This machine is only found in our workshop in Stockport. Key duplication is a very important security measure and one that can save you lots of inconvenience.

Let’s use a scenario to emphasize the importance of our key cutting service. Let’s say you have been driving for a while, you have been listening to your best music collection on your car’s stereo but that has been doused by a certain feeling for a quick smoke. So you make a stop at some convenient location and get out of the car. You then light up a cigarette and take passionate puffs of the cigarette while admiring the environment and thinking about life and all the beautiful moments that abound in it. After finishing your cigarette you turn to get into your car and notice that the doors are locked. You try to open the other doors hoping against hope that one will magically open. Nothing! You check through your windows and notice that the car keys are still enticingly dangling in the ignition. At such moments there are so many thought going through your mind and a certain feeling of panic creeps in. you start sweating while all along thinking of ingenious ways of opening the car doors and thinking that you must be getting punished because of your smoking. You will probably be cussing yourself for not quitting smoking in the first place.

Such a case can be averted with our key cutting service. We create duplicates of all types of keys including laser and transponder keys. The latter are particularly not easy to duplicate for any average locksmith but we possess the most advanced programs and machines that we use to reprogram the keys. When you find yourself in such a situation you can call our round the clock customer care that will send one of our mobile locksmiths to your location and you will be relieved from your predicament.

Our locksmiths offer the most professional customer care and they will even inform you when the locksmith will get to you.

However, the best measure is prevention, you can save our contacts that you can find in the local telephone directory or on our website and call us for a key cutting service.

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