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Elite Local Locksmith Stockport (ELLS) is a manufacturer and duplicator of all types of car keys including transponder and laser keys. If you require these products, you can call us through our numbers found on our website and in the local telephone directory. We offer our services 24 hours to all our clients.

Our locksmiths are well trained and experienced on the installation, replacement, repair and opening of all types of car locks. Locks can be classified into two: isolated locks and lock systems. We deal with all locks that fall in either category. Our products are durable, the latest versions, of the best quality and efficient locking mechanisms. On top of the bargain is our excellent service and customer care.

Our auto locksmith technicians have all the desired skills of a good locksmith. Your car is therefore safe in their hands. They have knowledge of different types of car locks and have experience working with all of them. Cars don’t just come with one type of lock; they have different locks for different parts of the car. These locks include: gear lock, ignition lock, steering locks, transponder system locks, back door locks etc. these locks may be mechanical or electronic in nature. We know how to repair, replace, and install all these locks systems. Our auto locksmith technicians are alive to the functions of all these lock systems and will ensure that the defunct ones are repaired or replaced to perform as desired.

Another characteristic of our auto locksmith technicians that attest to their locksmith proficiency is their knowledge of all types of car lock systems. there are certain locks in the car that require one to know not only the working of that lock but also how it fits into the car’s electronic system. This means that the locksmith must know the circuitry of the car to be able to correctly repair, fit or replace the lock. Such locking systems include ignition keys and transponder locking systems. In the latter, one must have knowledge of the car engine’s electronic circuitry, how the key functions and how the transponder is integrated with the car engine.

Apart from repairing and replacing you car door’s locks and keys, our auto locksmith technicians also offer additional advice on how to maintain your locks and keys. The point that features prominently with our additional service is the need for spare keys in case you lose the originals.

The spare keys don’t even have to be always in your possession. Our locksmiths have ingenious ways of fixing your spare keys at some location in your car so that when you lose your original, you can go there, take the spare and use it.

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